is a market intelligence service initiative of Nimeya Technologies Pvt Ltd. We endeavour to provide you with relevant competitive insights as quickly and as accurately as possible. 
Are you a new entrant in the industry? Have competitors innovated new products or services? Are you looking for a tailored market analysis or an in-depth market benchmarking or want to screen competitors more effectively? A market intelligence company is the best option for answering your toughest marketplace questions.

As a market intelligence company, we offer customized engagements in following areas:

  • Competition Profiling

Tracking & Benchmarking – Our competitor profiling services deliver valuable insight into many aspects of your competitors’ operations. Find out key features and functionalities of your competitors’ products. Learn what their go-to-market strategies are. Understand your competitors’ value proposition and differentiation messaging. Find out how your competitors’ clients respond to their strategies, messaging, products, etc., to identify unmet needs and opportunities for your company.

  • Product Deep Dive & Benchmarking

Our product or service deep dive engagement will extract value from new and existing data to help you improve products or services that drive value for customers and shareholders. Optimize your products or services for availability, traffic and conversion with our product or service deep dive engagement. With our product or service deep dive engagement, you will be able to maximize your efforts to create a more efficient conversion funnel flow. Optimize your product marketing to drive sales with our product or service deep dive engagement.

  • Market Sizing & Segmentation

Our market sizing and segmentation service engagement will help you identify the customer segments you intend to reach to estimate their size and growth. We will also define a universe target market and then, using filters, reduce that to an estimation of your net market.

  • Financial Content & Tool Development

We can help you to develop various financial tools/calculators for effective customer engagement leading to upselling/cross selling of your products.

We at Finalytics, the research arm of Nimeya, have been providing useful services to our clients to make informed decisions and help them build a competitive edge in the marketplace. We are of the view that the data will also be highly useful for the purpose of academic research and for the students of various academic streams to update their knowledge and development in the insurance industry so that they can fill the gap created by skewed demand-supply position.

We have started with the following report.

  • Fundtrack

This report tracks the performance of funds of unit linked plans of life insurance companies.

  • BusinessTrack

This bulletin analyses monthly business figures of life insurance companies.

  • Competition Track

This report encompasses varied market intelligence data on life insurance companies spanning from distribution statistics to expansion plans. 

  • ProductTrack

A monthly comprehensive update on life insurance products.