About Nimeya

Why we started Nimeya

The word “Nimeya” means “to measure”. Like we measure our physical wellness, it is very essential that we measure our financial wellness to ensure that we have a happy stress-free relationship with our finances.

By financial wellness we mean the following:

  • whether our expenses are within our income/budget

  • Whether accumulated savings is enough to fulfil desired long term financial goals

  • Whether we have funds for emergency

  • Whether you have the freedom to make choices with your finances

In the current market there is no independent platform which helps an individual to measure his/her financial wellbeing in a secure manner.

There is no application available that helps to view all investments & liabilities in one place, provides net worth, financial scores in few clicks.

Most of the time the market price of the assets are not up-dated and hence one is unaware of true net worth and financial wellbeing.

We at Nimeya are on a mission to empower you and provide you with a robust ecosystem to simplify your money management. For the first time you will be able to create your own balance sheet & see whether you are on the right path to accomplish your financial goals.

With Nimeya, we are aligned with Digital India, the flagship programme instituted by the Government of India to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

How do we do it

Nimeya is an AI driven personal financial wellness app that helps users to organise financial investments & liabilities – all in one place, in a secure manner. One can also conveniently store all financial documents in our KeepSafe – a digital locker.

The “Investometer” measures financial well being by providing your net worth and financial scores on a real time basis.

The AI driven platform not only digitizes all financial information but also generates a dashboard which provides 360° views of all investments and liabilities on a real time basis for yourself and your family members under a single account.

Our FinTalk feature provides a treasure house of financial information in simple and easy to understand format so that you are always on top of your finances.

This is only the beginning – a host of new services are coming soon ……

How safe is your information with Nimeya

The privacy and security of your information is our key concern, and we ensure necessary security so that your information is private & secure with us

  • We are hosted securely on Amazon’s AWS Cloud

  • All information is stored in an end-to-end encrypted form and is SSL secured

  • All data is protected using 128/256-bit encryption technology

  • 2 factor authentication using mobile and email or biometric based access to app

  • No data sharing with any third party

  • Strong privacy policy

Key USP of Nimeya

  • Investometer your financial well being – check your net worth & financial scores real time

  • One platform | One view of financial assets and liabilities – digitise your investments & liabilities in one place

  • Get control of your financesabilities on a real time basis. Our intelligent alerts can help you to better manage your finances.

  • Manage investments across self all family members with one log-in

  • Share alerts, notification & insights – receive alerts when a premium or a SIP is due and money in-flow from insurance & deposits, prevailing rates for deposits, borrowing and health & motor insurance premiums

  • Upload financial documents in “Keepsafe” – Upload and store important financial documents in KeepSafe – our digital locker

  • Auto-sync across devices

  • Complete privacy and security of your information

  • “FIN TALK” an Intelligent & informative BLOG to help you demystify finance and get regular market updates