Subscription: Terms & Conditions (App Store)

Subscription to the services of Nimeya Technologies Private Limited (Nimeya) are governed by the following terms and conditions. Nimeya is committed to provide its services for the specified period of agreement without any deviation / alternation subject to legal and regulatory guidelines of government authorities. However, the terms may be altered / amended at the sole discretion of Nimeya anytime after the agreement period which will be effective for any renewed period of service.  You are advised to read the wordings carefully for your own understanding and may seek expert advice wherever necessary.

1. Nimeya offers different types of subscription plans for access to its digital applications through mobile devices and computer / laptops.

2. Nimeya reserves the right to alter / amend the features, contents and types of services that it makes available for different subscription plans at any time, including without limitation to registered users. However, services already paid for will continue to be availed with the agreed features and contents during the subscription period.

3. By registering on the application / site you can become a registered user.

4. As a registered user you will be entitled to use the digital application free of cost for a period of 60 days from the date of registration.

5. You have to provide complete and accurate payment details at the time of subscribing to a plan option which will enable us to debit the subscription fees upon registration to avail the 60 days trial offer and to keep continuity of your profile for a period of 1 year once the trial period is complete. 

6. By submitting payment details, you confirm that you are authorising us to use those payment details for this purpose.

7. The subscription amount will be debited from your account immediately before start of the trial period. Such amount will include taxes as applicable by the government.

8. The subscription period will be for a period of 1 year post the 60 days trial period

9. The subscription being non-transferable, cannot be transferred to any other member or to any third party.

10. The subscription will be auto renewed at the end of the subscription period at the then prevailing renewal subscription amount.

11. You will have the option to port into a higher subscription plan by choosing the appropriate subscription plan option and payment of subscription amount at the time of renewal of your subscription.

12. You may cancel your subscription at any time as mentioned below.

13. The cancellation will be effective from the next subscription renewal date.

14. The subscription can’t be cancelled within the subscription period.

15. Subscription once paid is non-refundable. 

16. The above terms & conditions has to be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.