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How to invest in digital gold?

Want to buy gold just for investments purpose? If yes, why should you waste your hard earned money on jewellery making charges? There is a simple solution to investing in gold. Read on to find out more about investing in Digital Gold as this is our FinTalk article topic of […]

Non Fungible Tokens – NFTs

Want to know more about NFTs? Continue to read this article to find out more.  What is NFT? How is it different from cryptocurrency? Find answers to all your queries about NFTs in this simple and easy to remember post created just for you. Stay tuned to FinTalk for many […]


Cryptocurrency – a digital payment system that interests many and confuses many more. Here’s a short and crisp understanding of cryptocurrency for all those who might find the topic a little baffling. Have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments.  Please share with friends and family who might benefit […]


How often do you find yourself confused with financial jargons that keep you from investing? We understand that stepping into the world of investments may not be easy for everyone. Keeping this in mind, introduces FinTalk! Stay updated about the financial world and learn about multiple investment options through FinTalk – […]