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Gold for Investment + Saving on Taxes = Win-Win!

#taxsavings #march2023 For many, investments in gold has regular practice. They could include inheritance and/or jewellery purchases and/or gold bars/coins. You can leverage your gold assets to raise immediate funds by using them as collaterals. Or even sell them! It is good to know the tax implications! Read below to […]

Mutual Funds for Tax Savings!? Here’s Why.

#taxsavings #March2023 If you have/plan to invest in mutual funds to save on taxes, read below. Always have a horizon to get benefit of tax savings as well as earnings on your investments – #growyourmoney Sign up on website now. Or download the app from Playstore or AppStore and […]

Insurance for tax savings? And what kind?

With the end of financial year coming up fast, there is a general uptick in purchase of various instruments for tax savings. If you are thinking of buying an insurance product, here are some things to consider. Of course, once you have made the choice and purchased the product, do […]

Taxability on Post Office schemes

Interested in Post Office schemes? Wondering about the taxability aspect of it? This is an illusive area for many people. In our FinTalk article for this week, we are going to take you through an overview of the topic. Post Office schemes are for the benefit of all, and everyone […]

Tax Savings on Life & Health Insurance

Life and health insurance policies are essential for everyone. Not many people know that they also come with some tax benefits. Do you want to find out about these tax saving opportunities on the said insurance policies? If yes, you’re at the right place. Read on to find out from […]

Investment in Bonds – how much tax you pay

You have invested in bonds but now are worried about taxes. Wondering how much tax you need to pay on your income from investments in bonds? Let us take you through it with today’s topic on this subject. Stay updated with FinTalk by – apna investometer. Please feel free […]

Taxes on gain/loss from equity shares

Do you know how much tax you need to pay on your income from investments in equity shares? If you’re investing, or thinking of investing in equity shares, this is a valuable piece of information for you. Let’s take a look at today’s topic on this subject. Stay updated with […]

National Pension System: what are the tax benefits with NPS?

Do you know about the National Pension System? What are the tax benefits with NPS? People are often unaware of the various tax redemption and beneficial schemes by the government. Let’s take a look at today’s topic on tax savings through the NPS. Stay updated with FinTalk by – apna investometer. […]