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Insurance for tax savings? And what kind?

With the end of financial year coming up fast, there is a general uptick in purchase of various instruments for tax savings. If you are thinking of buying an insurance product, here are some things to consider. Of course, once you have made the choice and purchased the product, do […]

Types of Bonuses in Life Insurance

Life insurance acts as both a long term investment and also a security for your loved one’s future. The terms of various policies vary to a great extent. In order to simplify them with FinTalk, today we’ll talk about the different types of bonuses in Life Insurance. Stay updated with […]

Participating and Non Participating Policies

What are participating and non-participating policies? Read our FinTalk article to explore the topic and learn key differences between the two. If you are new to the subject, this information will be beneficial for you. Stay updated with FinTalk by – apna investometer. Visit for many other finance […]

Types of Endowment Plans

Continuing from our last FinTalk article on Endowment Policy, let us take a look at the types of endowment plans available in the market. As you know, an endowment policy is a long term investment product which promises heaps of benefits if you make the promised monthly contributions, thus making […]

What is Endowment Policy

In this week’s FinTalk article, we’ll take a look at what is called an Endowment Policy. While some of us may be quite good at making proper investments, most of us actually struggle to plan everything on our own. An endowment policy is a long term investment product which promises […]

Cyber Insurance and Its Coverage

Cyber crimes are becoming a regular thing in the high-tech era and is a cause of concern for us all. Apart from practicing proper safety and security measures for all your digital presence, it is also important to be aware of cyber insurance, especially if you have more to lose […]

Types of Travel Insurance Policies

Planning for a dream vacation abroad? Don’t forget to include a travel insurance policy in your to-do list before leaving! Travel insurance policies have come a long way and now include different types of policies for all kinds of travels. For this week’s FinTalk article let’s take a look at […]

Premium Rates on Travel Insurance Policies

Today for our FinStat article, let’s take a look at the current premium rates of travel insurance policies. You can compare the different rates and start your evaluation from here, planning for the next time when you need a travel insurance. FinStat brings to you various financial data about the […]

How safe are bank deposits?

While investing in deposits, do you find yourself wondering how safe bank deposits are now? It is a legitimate concern. Have you heard about DICGC and the insurance they provide? If it is a new information to you, or even if you want to find out more about deposit insurance, […]

Premium for Term Insurance Policy

There are numerous term insurance policies available in the market and it is quite confusing to choose one. This week FinStat brings to you a detailed insight into the term insurance policies’ premiums to help you get started in your search for a viable term insurance policy. FinStat brings to […]