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Investing in Deposits – why deposit rates are low?

Why FD rates are low?Interest rates in India and across most major economies are at historically low levels due tomeasures taken by central banks across countries including the RBI to support economic growth inthe aftermath of the pandemic.There are 3 key reasons why deposit rates in India are on the […]

What is mutual fund investing?

A mutual fund is an entity that collects money from investors and invests it in either stocks or bonds or gold as per a pre-determined strategy. It’s an ideal investment avenue for individuals who doesn’t find enough time to research the market on their own and invest.Mutual funds are run by professional fund managers and are regulated by SEBI. They provide easy investment avenue to various asset classes. For more details, please click on the topic above.

Different options of investing in Gold

What are the different options of investing in Gold?    Gold as an asset class today is not limited to buying physical ornaments or jewellery.  There are multiple options available these days. One can invest in gold through investments in Gold ETFs, digital gold or sovereign gold bonds.    

Managing Liabilities – Factors influencing home loan rate

What factors influence home loan interest rates? Many individuals avail home loans in order to pursue their dream house. Like all loans you have to pay an equated monthly instalments (EMIs). EMIs help you pay back the principal and interest amount in a way that does not add stress your monthly budget.  However, there are several factors like your CIBIL score, prevailing interest, location, occupation etc that impact the interest the bank or financial institutions charge on your loans.  For more details, please click on the topic above.